Hunting Divers, Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Tundra Swans, and Sea Ducks

If fast-flying, colorful and abundant ducks are what you are after, look no further than spending a day with Fowlplay Waterfowl on a Diver, Goose or Sea Duck hunt.  We offer exciting hunts in the abundant Mississippi and Atlantic flyways. 

Fowlplay Waterfowl is now guiding for Sandhill Cranes in Kentucky during their inaugural season and coordinating hunts for Tundra Swans in North Carolina. 

Book your hunt today and create a memory of a lifetime!

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Ohio River Hunts

Ohio River Hunts occur from November to January                             
$150 per gun

Our home is on the Ohio River.  Thomas Jefferson once described it as "the most beautiful river on Earth.  Its current gentle, waters clear, and bosom smooth and unbroken by rocks and rapids, a single instance only expected." Fowlplay Waterfowl's guides have over a combined 60 years of experience hunting on the scenic Ohio River.  Your hunt will take place in either the Markland or Mehldahl pools.  Both pools abound with zebra mussels, bait fish and vegetation growing upon the rip rap shores.  Food is the main attraction for migrating waterfowl, whether it is Canada goose cupping into a freshly cut corn field, or Greater Scaup feeding on schools of shad.  

When the Great Lakes and local lakes and ponds freeze up, the Ohio River is still open and flowing, making it possible for the birds to find food. 

This makes the Ohio River the perfect place for great hunting opportunities.  Hunting on the vast Ohio River takes place in both Indiana and Kentucky. Your guide will check the season dates and inform you at the time of booking which license you will need for your hunt.  Everyone in your hunting party will be checked in by the guide prior to the hunt to make sure that they carry the correct license, state stamp and 'signed' federal stamp.

Coastal Massachusetts Sea Duck Hunts

Sea Duck hunts occur from late October through early January                   
$200 per gun with party of 4 or more

If you want that extra special bird for your trophy room, photo album, or just a unique memory, try your luck at gunning at Sea Ducks.  Fowlplay Waterfowl offers a limited number of select dates for Sea Duck hunting in Coastal Massachusetts.

Sea Duck Hunts take place on the beaches and waters in historic coastal towns such as Salem, Plymouth and Orleans on Cape Cod.  These beaches and shores offer us and the birds some of the freshest seafood anywhere in the country.  Hunt the same honey holes the most famous men hunted during the days of 'market hunting'.
Book fast; since these dates are limited they go quick!

Kentucky Sand Hill Crane Hunts (Special Permit only)

Sand Hill Crane hunts occur from mid-December through mid-January                   
$350 per gun - 
2 tags per hunter

Sandhill cranes, the most numerous of all cranes, which often have a wingspan of six to eight feet, have not been hunted in Kentucky and most of the Midwest and Eastern seaboard since the early 1900s when they neared extinction due to over-hunting. 

With a current population of over 60,000 birds, Kentucky's inaugural sandhill crane season is expected to reduce that number by less than one percent. This hunt will be unique, as Kentucky is the only state east of the Mississippi where these birds may be hunted. 

Hunters must apply for a sandhill crane permit online. Applicants must possess a valid Kentucky hunting license by the time of the drawing. Those selected must pass a bird identification test before the permit will be issued. Once the state's quota of tags is allotted, the 2011 season will be closed.

Book fast; since these tags and dates are limited... they'll go quick!

Tundra Swan in North Carolina (Special Permit only)

Tundra Swan hunts occur from mid-November through the end of January
Let us book you on the hunt of a lifetime. Tundra Swan hunting is the premier of all waterfowl hunting. They are the largest of the migrating waterfowl. Trophy Tundra Swans are large birds with wing spans up to 8 feet and body weights in the 20+ pound range. North Carolina is the wintering grounds for thousands of Tundra Swan. Join us for an exciting Swan hunt in North Carolina's large fields, flooded impoundments, and open water.

There are days we decoy over 600 Swans. An average day of swan hunting will produce over a 100 swans within shot gun range of these decoys. An average swan hunt lasts about 3 hours before the limit is achieved. We Swan hunt only the best spots in the wintering grounds. 

This is Swan hunting at its best!  We create memories that last a lifetime. This is truly a hunt you don't want to miss.

Book fast; since these tags and dates are limited... they'll go quick!

What you will need to bring on your hunt

An Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Massachusetts, or North Carolina hunting license is mandatory.  Fowlplay Waterfowl will notify you at the time of booking which specific license is required. 

Check out the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources the Illinois Department of Natural Resources,  the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, and The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission links for up to date regulations.
  • Plugged 12 or 10 gauge shotgun
  • Steel, bismuth or tungsten #1, #2, bb, or bbb shotgun shells (no lead)
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Camouflage rain gear
  • Chest waders
  • Camera or video recorder
  • Cooler for transporting birds home 

Your guide will clean and package your birds for you and return them to you on your departure.  If you would like to have your birds mounted by Fowlplay Waterfowl’s taxidermy studio, or another studio, notify the guide and they will help you fill out the proper paperwork.  

Please remember your guides when the day is through, as they work very hard to ensure you have a SAFE, fun and successful hunt.  Tips are more than appreciated.  

Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed before or during the hunt.