Retriever Training

Here at the Fowlplay Waterfowl facilities we offer to train a limited number of dogs for our clients using the same training techniques we use with our own gun dogs . By limiting the number of dogs we accept into the training program, it allows us to dedicate more time to work with individual dogs. This translates to your dog being able to get out of his/her kennel several times daily and all dogs are worked a minimum of 5 days a week, weather permitting.  

Our programs form the basis for training, but each dog will be individually assessed according to the client/handler's needs. Should there be an aspect of your pup's training that you wish us to specifically focus on, such as hunting in your geographic environment like potholes, open water, or from a boat or platform, or fine tuning your handling skills to improve your partnership with your dog, we are more than happy to advise. 

We guarantee our training programs; should your dog not be able to hunt out of a boat or blind like a pro after 90 days, we will continue to work with them for another 30 days - free of charge. 

We encourage owners and families to come out and visit at any time and you are welcome to watch and get involved in the training sessions. Since training you, the handler, is as important as training your dog, you will be having as much daily homework as they do. We will be glad to work with you as much as needed.  

For specific details about availability and the different level of programs please contact Shawn at 812-290-3831 or

From Puppy to Trained Dog

Fowlplay Waterfowl offers three basic levels of training, starting with taking a 10 week old rambunctious puppy to a ready to learn the "tough stuff" 6 month old dog and all the way through to an established hunter trained to bring back that downed bird to your hand. 

If there is any aspect of the programs which you would like to adjust according to your dog's needs, we encourage you to contact us to discuss it; we take pride in building a training program to suit your individual needs. 

All dogs admitted to our training programs must be up to date on relevant vaccines, including a current rabies vaccine, with supporting veterinary records. All medications, such as heartworm preventative and flea treatments must be sent with your dog. 

Included in the training price are the use of individual crates, all of your dog's food, as well as the birds used in their training . All puppies will receive a Sasquatch custom collar and lead as well as a whistle/e-collar lanyard. Pickup and delivery to Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky airports are possible by prior arrangement. 

Puppy 10 weeks - 6 months - $700 per month 
This course is aimed at the  young puppy. It covers basic obedience training and establishes a firm base of basic hunting skills with the introduction of both water and the gun.
  • Basic obedience commands: sit, stay, come, down, kennel, heel, wait, leave it, and drop it
  • Walking on a leash
  • In-house training, including hotels
  • Crate training
  • Human & animal socialization
  • Handling dummies and birds
  • Introduction to water
  • Introduction to guns
Dogs over 6 months - $700 per month
This course is aimed at the  young dog, and reinforces all of the basic obedience training listed above and serves as an introduction to basic hunting scenarios. Dogs need have no prior hunting training. 
  • Beginner multiple retrieves
  • Beginner blind retrieves
  • Soft mouth
  • Gun familiarity
  • Boat manners
  • Whistle commands
  • e-collar training - purchase of an e-collar is required, these can be obtained through Fowlplay Waterfowl 
Hunt Training - $700 per month
Dogs admitted to this program must be able to obey the basic commands listed for puppies above and will reaffirm the younger dog skills, as well as adding to the dog's retrieving skills all of the requirements below. 
  • Advanced multiple retrieves
  • Advanced blind retrieves
  • Advanced water retrieves
  • Finding injured birds
  • Retrieving injured & dead birds
  • Gun steadiness
  • Off-leash commands
  • Hand signals
  • e-collar training - purchase of an e-collar is required, these can be obtained through Fowlplay Waterfowl
Hunt Test and Field Trial Training 
Dogs are prepared on an individual basis according to prior training, experience and owner's requirements. Spaces are limited, please inquire for availability and pricing.

Companion Dog Obedience Training
Fowlplay Waterfowl also offer non-hunt training for companion dogs, from puppies to adults. This can be done on a boarding basis or as weekly classes, depending on requirements. Assistance can also be given with house and crate training of dogs of all ages. All dogs will leave this program with the following skills.

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Walk on leash
  • 'Leave' command
  • 'Drop it' command
  • Recall
  • House manners
  • Socialization with other dogs and people